Above is a lamp I decorated to fit into my daughters room theme. I had went onto familyfun.com and they actually have some amazing ideas for some d-i-y things to add to a child’s room. I am actually working on one for my  son next. But here is the site to the steps I used to create this on…it’s easy but time consuming so make sure you give yourself some time to do it!


If your having trouble finding any plain lampshades I found mine at target for a good price


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Should a woman pressure a man into marriage?

       In my opinion this is asking for divorce or affairs before you even get a proposal. I compare this to a females virginity..I say female because typically we make a bigger deal out of our virginity then males do theirs. We always say “If you love me you will be patient” and we make them feel guilty for even THINKING about sex. Well, ladies, don’t you think we should give men that same respect?

      Just because he doesn’t give you what you want when you want it does not mean he loves you any less. It simply means he is not ready. Period. Don’t make yourself crazy by reading so much into it.   Not too mention down the line he will have resentment towards you.

If you honestly feel like you can’t wait then do both of yourselves a favor and just dump him. He deserves a woman who is patient. You deserve a marriage that doesn’t end in a divorce just because a certain someone was impatient.

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Past experiences.

What aggravates me about some people is they are judgmental of their signficant other’s past. It’s almost as they believe their boyfriend or girlfriend shouldn’t have had a life before them. Or made any mistakes. A guy I know was upset that his girlfriend slept with two people before she met him and he would constantly put her down for it. Honestly if you have certain expectations of people then that is fine. You don’t need to put up with it. But if you decide to stay with that person you do not constantly rub in their face what they did in the past. There is no point..they can’t change it!

To grow and learn in life you have to make some mistakes to know what you need to work on in the first place! How is anyone ever going to know what to do unless they experience life.

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Why do people get married if the divorce rate is so high?

I hear the question “why do people get married if the divorce rate is so high” a lot. I want to give my honest to God opinion. I believe people just do not try hard enough. That is why it is so high. I mean of course there are other reasons for instance if one of them was abused by the other , which if you leave then that is understandable. But if your husband or wife have an affair then that is it their done. No ifs, ands, or buts about it…you are DONE.

To me that isn’t right. If you get married you should try. Just because you have sex with someone else doesn’t always mean you have fallen out of love. It just could mean there was something missing out of the marriage. If you try to get it in the marriage and can’t you are bound to get it out of the marriage! Whether its sex or affection. If another human being tries to give you that attention then more than likely you will take it, resulting in a divorce. If my husband cheated I’m proud to say I would want to stay and work it out. I would want to trust him again!

People, if your spouse tells you they feel something is missing do not ignore it and tell them they are “being crazy” or insecure. Help them fix it!

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To the Research….

As we all know it isn’t rocket science to figure out how different men and women are from each other. So as I had promised here is some research I have done to make everyone understand how different we really are.

First of ,MEN, stop blaming us for being emotional because of our periods or “PMS”. It’s the size of our limbic system! Apparently a woman’s limbic system is much deeper then a man’s. Meaning we are more emotional and more in touch with our feelings. And as you can tell we express them more. To couples every where, to keep your sanity take some B vitamins everyday. (Especially women) Those tend to be a mood booster!

Now I have that out of the way I want to write why I started doing this research in the first place. There has been a thousand questions running around in my head about men.  One being how can a guy have sex with with one woman but be crazy in love with another. This one is simple. Because sex and love are NOT the same thing! They have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Sex is purely to reproduce. That is ALL it is scientifically for. Sex was simple before people started making it more about morals.

Another question is why do men feel the need to cheat? Well here are some known reasons

1. Wife let herself go.Does that mean a man expects a woman to look her best EVERY SINGLE DAY? No! It means he wants you to be healthy. And honestly wouldn’t you want that for your self? (Though it is hypocritical of a man to ask that of a wife and not pay her the same respect. You better be working on a 6 pack if your asking your wife to get some abs herself)

2. She is nagging him. Women you know men hate this. Why continue to do it? Nagging doesn’t work. Find another approach.

3. The thrill. This one completely blows my mind. I understood this concept when I was a teenager when I enjoyed knowing I could go out and get caught or not. The second I turned 18 and I had no legal curfew it wasn’t as exciting! This is different to me considering husbands are not teenagers (well..in most situations anyways)

4.Wife didn’t give in. Men have it in their heads that if their wife won’t give them sex there is another woman who will. Which is 100 percent true!

And finally 5-7 are the reasons why I started the research in the first place.

5. Men are hunters. This is dated back to cave men. The need that is encoded into their DNA. Men feeling like they have to continuously hunt for women.

6.Biology. It is a biological nature for a man to be with as many females as possible. Once you have seen a woman naked numerous times the thrill wears down. It doesn’t matter how hot she is. Men feel the need to experience a different type. But what keeps them from doing this is the maturity of knowing love is more important then experiencing different women.

Just because I did this research does NOT mean I agree with affairs. I don’t. I believe people do have self control. But to have self control you had to be provoked in the first place. I just wanted people to think about it and try and see a different point of view.

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A Rant

Yesterday I know I was writing how I was doing research on the difference of men and women and I wanted to fill you in on it. But today I have to rant. Sucky parents. Not just sucky parenting, but sucky parents. Everything they have done to their poor child amazes me. They are definitely out there and the piss me the hell off. They are like another breed of human to me! I want to share some horror stories I have collected.

Kids being left in a hot, smoldering vehicle when its 100 degrees out while their parents go into the store “real quick”.  Seriously there are options!

  1. Find a babysitter or a family member to watch them for a few.
  2. Talk to them about behaving before you go in.
  3. DON’T GO!

And if your that bent on taking them in because they won’t behave then research some ways to make them behave! Call Super Nanny! I love her. I watch her and she is pretty damn amazing and her advice works.

Parents expecting retail workers to all the sudden become their babysitters. Just because you brought them business does not mean they have to watch your child. If anything they have the power to kick you out of the store.

This one is what really got me…I can’t imagine anyone treating their kid like this!  “A local museum had a temporary dinosaur exhibit with full-scale realistic models which moved, including lunges, and roared. The day we took our kids, there was a father forcing his shrieking four-year-old to go through it again and again “until you can do it like a man, damn it!” The terrified kid wet his pants and was not excused, only ridiculed, and finally vomited.”

Do it like a man?? Are you kidding me? The kid was four. Where are these parents coming from and why are they reproducing?!

Note to all you sucky parents out there..there are people like myself who have no problem calling CPS..

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Difference of men and women

So, I have decided to do my own study on the difference of men and women. I have always wondered why women act the way we do and why are men complete opposites! For instance men are actually PROGRAMMED to cheat. Morals and religion aside, men have been known to cheat since day one. To us women, that sounds ridiculous. Then again we do think differently!

I felt that I had to do this research for my own sanity. Every time a guy wasn’t faithful, I would continually pick on myself for actually getting cheated on. I thought it was because there was something that I had to change. Be more fun. Be more flirty. Be more of a bad girl. Be more of a good girl. Be more whatever. Who knows, maybe it WAS honestly me. Let’s face it, we all know I won’t change for some ex boyfriends who couldn’t except me for me. Especially since I have found myself a husband. Instead, I would much rather focus on why they cheated on a scientific approach.

The research will have to continue later since I have babies awake from their nap and calling for me!

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