Why do people get married if the divorce rate is so high?

February 23, 2010 jnjmommy

I hear the question “why do people get married if the divorce rate is so high” a lot. I want to give my honest to God opinion. I believe people just do not try hard enough. That is why it is so high. I mean of course there are other reasons for instance if one of them was abused by the other , which if you leave then that is understandable. But if your husband or wife have an affair then that is it their done. No ifs, ands, or buts about it…you are DONE.

To me that isn’t right. If you get married you should try. Just because you have sex with someone else doesn’t always mean you have fallen out of love. It just could mean there was something missing out of the marriage. If you try to get it in the marriage and can’t you are bound to get it out of the marriage! Whether its sex or affection. If another human being tries to give you that attention then more than likely you will take it, resulting in a divorce. If my husband cheated I’m proud to say I would want to stay and work it out. I would want to trust him again!

People, if your spouse tells you they feel something is missing do not ignore it and tell them they are “being crazy” or insecure. Help them fix it!


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