Difference of men and women

February 17, 2010 jnjmommy
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So, I have decided to do my own study on the difference of men and women. I have always wondered why women act the way we do and why are men complete opposites! For instance men are actually PROGRAMMED to cheat. Morals and religion aside, men have been known to cheat since day one. To us women, that sounds ridiculous. Then again we do think differently!

I felt that I had to do this research for my own sanity. Every time a guy wasn’t faithful, I would continually pick on myself for actually getting cheated on. I thought it was because there was something that I had to change. Be more fun. Be more flirty. Be more of a bad girl. Be more of a good girl. Be more whatever. Who knows, maybe it WAS honestly me. Let’s face it, we all know I won’t change for some ex boyfriends who couldn’t except me for me. Especially since I have found myself a husband. Instead, I would much rather focus on why they cheated on a scientific approach.

The research will have to continue later since I have babies awake from their nap and calling for me!


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